About The Course

Recorded Digital Seminar

Perinatal health is the focus on mental health during the pregnancy and postpartum periods. A CDC study from 2018 found that 10-24% of women experienced maternal mental health disorders. Mental health disorders are some of the most common complications of childbirth, however they are not universally screened for. This course will provide an introduction to the topic of perinatal mental health with a global lens, including a definition of the different aspects of perinatal mental health; risk factors; and an overview of screening tools, prevention and interventions.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe an overview of Perinatal Mental Health
  2. Describe how adverse experiences and risk factors intertwine with perinatal mental health.
  3. Describe an overview of recommendations, interventions and resources.

Meet the Presenter

Erin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has worked for years in the domestic violence and sexual assault community. Erin enjoys working with children, adolescents, and adults of all ages, and helping families heal after abuse and trauma. Erin also enjoys working with parents and expecting parents to help their children heal, and learning to parent after experiencing abuse, trauma, and childhood abuse.

Her approach comes from an Attachment, Psychodynamic, and somatic lens. She leans toward somatic approaches in therapy and believes in working with trauma from a “bottom-up” approach, working on grounding to help you feel safe in your body and in the world. Erin has specialized in working with survivors of trauma who have difficulty feeling connected with their bodies.