About The Course

A recording will be uploaded by September 9th

Considering that 90% of older adults have experienced at least one traumatic event, having strategies to help these older adults is imperative. PTSD in late life can result from trauma that occurred much earlier or can follow traumatic events that occurred for the first time in old age. This training will approach treatment of PTSD in older adults from a trauma informed lens, and discuss considerations in working with older adults and trauma. Case studies and treatment tools will be offered to deepen understanding of concepts and interventions. Participants will have the opportunity to assess their own professional quality of life in the context of trauma stewardship.


  • Define Trauma Informed Care principles and their application to PTSD treatment.
  • Identify considerations in working with trauma in older adults.
  • Explore methods of psychoeducation and treatment orientation.
  • Consider treatment tools, such as WOT, NET, and CBT. 
  • Assess one’s own trauma stewardship and Professional Quality of Life.

Meet The Presenter

Diane is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Missouri and Kansas. She has over 20 years of experience in the fields of psychology, social work and mental health.

Diane was an Adjunct Professor of Social Work at The University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare, for over 10 years. She obtained her master’s degree in Social Work from KU in 2006, with clinical concentrations in Children & Families and Mental Health. Diane taught classes in the Clinical Master’s program, which included: Clinical Social Work Practice, Loss and Grief, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Family Therapy, Advanced Standing Practice, and Mental Health & Psychopathology. Diane was also a practicum Field Instructor, Field Liaison and Community Education trainer for the School of Social Welfare.

Diane has facilitated hundreds of trainings to mental health professionals, physicians and nurses, teachers, police officers, business personnel, and local City Council members. Diane enjoys the creativity that comes with envisioning and designing trainings, and aims to provide trainings that are informative, engaging and skill-building. She has customized and facilitated leadership and corporate trainings to EAP clients on wellness and business topics.