About The Course

Prerecorded Webinar – Available August 2022

Description: A remote training course for professionals interested in the conditions in which we are born, live, learn, play, and age plays a powerful influence on our individual lives and the communities we live and work in. Rooted will guide you through integrating a trauma-based focus in your practice.


This course is for professionals who are interested in reimagining cohesion, addressing trauma and bias, and growing as a change agents. Professionals will learn how to equip themselves and their team with the skills to effectively engage, build trust and forge meaningful professional relationships. The course will also help professionals understand and identify the foundations of negative health outcomes within the healthcare system, through a historical-to present-day context. Participants will explore the differences between cultural humility, cultural competence, and culturally responsive care.


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify interventions to implement and recognize their personal biases that may impact responsive care.
  • Develop a working understanding of intersectionality, privilege, and power.


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