About The Course

Date: November 14, 2022

Location : Remotely Via Zoom (A Zoom Link will be posted in our curriculum *access to view will be given once enrolled)

Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST

Course Description: Trauma and eating disorders commonly co-occur, requiring eating disorder-informed professionals to be competent at treating trauma. This course will discuss the etiology of eating disorders and the overlap of this etiology with dissociative disorders. Participants will learn how to best care for clients suffering with both trauma and disordered eating, when it is appropriate to recommend a higher level of care, and some of the complexities to consider in working with this population. There will be a case presentation that will allow participants to conceptualize and apply what they have learned in the course. Eating Disorders 101 or evidence of expertise in the field of eating disorders is a prerequisite for this course.


Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the etiology of eating disorders and dissociative disorders, and the overlap between the two
  • Conceptualize evidence-based modalities used for the treatment of eating disorders when co-occurring trauma and/or dissociation is present
  • Define best practices in treating co-occurring eating disorders and dissociative disorders
  • Understand complexities of working with this population
  • Identify appropriate levels of care based on symptom presentation and availability of treatment at higher levels of care

Meet The Presenter

Jasmine Cejna, LMHC, LPC is a private practitioner in Vancouver, WA who works to afford her clients the most individualized, comprehensive approach to disordered eating and healing. She leans heavily on Mindfulness-based CBT and IFS, although Jasmine frequently incorporates DBT, Gestalt, and MI in her work. The main focus of her work is on the treatment of eating disorders, however her experience working at a higher level of care for both chemical dependency and eating disorders has contributed to her passion for working with dual diagnoses. Jasmine holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and is licensed in the United States in both Washington and Oregon as a professional counselor. She was also the president of the Columbia River Eating Disorder Network, a local non-profit dedicated to providing education to eating disorder professionals, and currently runs a consultation group for eating disorder professionals.



Training Disclaimer

This training was designed for treatment professionals. This training is insufficient education to treat eating disorders, or for eating disorders to be considered within a participant’s scope of practice.

Any case presentations that are used within the training are based on a combination of client experiences, not an example of one specific client, and all identifying information has been changed for the purpose of this training.

If you are recognizing you (yourself) may be struggling with disordered eating/body image issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the presenter for referrals. Asking for help as a mental health or medical professional is not only a strength, but a necessity.