About The Course

Recorded Seminar

Course Description: This course is designed to help participants conceptualize how to apply multiple modalities that have been proven effective in the treatment of eating disorders. The application of various modalities will be discussed in an outpatient setting as well as higher levels of care. Participants will also learn why dismantling fat phobia and honoring the body's natural cues are essential to long-term recovery from disordered eating and how treat disordered eating through these lenses in practice


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify evidence-based modalities used for the treatment of eating disorders
  • Conceptualize the application of specific modalities in the recovery process
  • Understand why Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating are essential to the eating disorder recovery process and how to apply these approaches

Meet The Presenter

Jasmine Cejna, LMHC, LPC is a private practitioner in Vancouver, WA who works to afford her clients the most individualized, comprehensive approach to disordered eating and healing. She leans heavily on Mindfulness-based CBT and IFS, although Jasmine frequently incorporates DBT, Gestalt, and MI in her work. The main focus of her work is on the treatment of eating disorders, however her experience working at a higher level of care for both chemical dependency and eating disorders has contributed to her passion for working with dual diagnoses. Jasmine holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and is licensed in the United States in both Washington and Oregon as a professional counselor. She was also the president of the Columbia River Eating Disorder Network, a local non-profit dedicated to providing education to eating disorder professionals, and currently runs a consultation group for eating disorder professionals.